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Soul Food Spaces principles are based on a radical Christianity which believes in the absolute worth of all people, their ability to love and be loved and their capacity to change and develop. We believe in the counter-intuitive wisdom that the way to greatness is through service, we surrender in order to win, to keep something you have to give it away and that we are largely powerless to solve our social and personal problems alone. There are a number of foundational principles which underpin all of our work:

  • People need to be fed physically, emotionally and spiritually to be healthy.
  • A small amount of money in the right hands can make a real difference.
  • Everybody has strengths and assets and any work we do or support seeks to value, use and develop these strengths rather than focussing on their difficulties.
  • Partnership is the best and most productive way to work to help people in need.
  • Open, respectful relationships are essential to building good partnerships.
  • People who are in need deserve the very best we can give – if its not good enough for us, its not good enough for them.
  • We are all in need in some way and by helping other people who are in need, we ourselves are blessed by them.
  • Soul Food Spaces Principles